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Want to make a donation to The Black Doll Affair OR one of our Ambassadoll's Christmas Doll Deliveries?
Well you've come to the right place and it's so EASY!

Paper Doll Donations to The Black Doll Affair:

Monies donated to The Black Doll Affair are called "Paper Doll Donations." On a mission to change the way black girls are perceived and perceive themselves, Paper Doll Money Donations can be made to The Black Doll Affair by the general public and members of our movement. With these donations, we buy toy black dolls when needed for our black doll deliveries. Also, your donation might be used to support a specific program, or just put to use to keep the movement trucking. Either way, Paper Doll Donations keep our mission alive. So we thank you for being "on board" The Black Doll Affair!

Paper Doll Donations to an Ambassadoll's
Christmas Party & Doll Delivery:
When you make a donation and note at checkout that it's for an Ambassadoll's Doll Delivery Party, your Paper Doll Donations will go towards the full roll out of their party. When the Ambassadoll has ALL that is required of for their party, if there is money left, your gift will go towards operating our b'huetiful movement to remind black girls of their intrinsic nature, bhuety!

Thank you!

Thank hue for your support!
Because The Black Doll Affair is a for profit business, gifts to us may/may not be tax deductible. Consult with your tax adviser.